SCRU Cream Lips Scrub 12g


Buy Scru cream lip scrub 12g online in Bangladesh from This is super moisturizing effect, this lip scrub cream is rich in sodium hyaluronate, which can deeply penetrate the skin and tightly lock the moisture of the skin.

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Key benefits

  • Long lasting
  • Create mermaid water embellish
  • Presents vivid lip color
  • Natural and comfortable without oily feeling
  • You can also use it as eyeshadow
  • Wonderful gift for yourself or special someone
  • For the lips and deeply nourish the skin
  • Rich in propolis , can remove the aging skin tissue
  • Make the skin of the lips more full and more elastic
  • Net weight 12g

How to use

  • Before using, with hot towel apply the first, open the lid squeeze out a suitable amount of cream
  • Evenly in the mouth, with unknown fingertips to looped massage gently back and forth
  • Fine found around corners can be rubbed down with fine cutin
  • Finally use warm water is rinsed clean

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