Banana Lip Balm 1 Box


Banana lip balm give the lips a very beautiful pink lips instantly. It has a very attractive fragrance. It moisturize the lips !! Even after washing the next day, Lips have a great pink color and the best part of this product is to that it make the lips pink permanently. Banana lip balm is rich with collagen protein that re builds fat lip tissue.

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  • *Lips give a permanent pinkish Bright.
  • *Remove dark marks from lips.
  • *Softens your lips.
  • *Natural plant formula.
  • *Improves the condition of lips.
  • *Especially mild easy absorption.
  • *Regular use brings better results.
  • *Visible effect in 7 days.
  • *Brand New & High quality.
  • *Portable size, easy to carry.
  • *Suitable for professional use
  • *Helps Avoid flaky, dry lips.
  • *Long-wearing, soothing and moisturizing.

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