Ailke Kojic Acid Brightening Serum (30ml)


  • Brand: Ailke Kojic 
  • Product Type : Serum
  • Made In: P.R.C
  • Skin Type: All typeof skin.
  • Skin Concern: Brightening Skin
  • Skin Feel: Lightweight, Hydrating, Dark Sport
  • Size: 30ml

AILKE Kojic Acid Brightening Serum is a potent skincare treatment designed to illuminate your complexion. Formulated with kojic acid, this serum effectively targets dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone, promoting a brighter and more even complexion. Its lightweight, fast-absorbing formula deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it smooth, radiant, and youthful. Suitable for all skin types, AILKE Kojic Acid Brightening Serum is your key to a luminous, glowing appearance.

Ingredients: Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, kojic acid, Centella asiatica extract, nicotinamide, sodium hyaluronate, cetyl alcohol, betaine, sobium hyaluronate, bulyene glycol, allantoin, propylene glycol, glycerin

Usage: After cleansing the face, Apply Ailke liquid lotion, apply the serum on the face and massage gently until it is completely absorbed Use it together with Ailke Dey Cream and Night Cream for better results.

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