Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Kaolin Face Mask (50g)


  • Light Weight, Non-Sticky formula absorbs easily.
  • Vitamin C fights dullness & brightens instantly.
  • Kaolin removes dead skin build-up, dirt & impurities.
  • Niacinamide builds keratin for firm & even-toned skin.
  • Suits all skin types, including sensitive skin.
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Vitamin C actives have a small molecular weight that enables its deep penetration into skin and quick action. Kaolin induced mask removes dead skin build-up, dirt & impurities and gives you fresh & clear skin in minutes. So next time, Mask Up to brighten up your skin and your day, instantly.

[GLOWING SKIN IN A JIFFY]: Contains Vitamin C along and Niacinamide –> Low Molecular Weight –> Brightening Agent –> Deeper Penetration –> Instant Brightness.
[KAOLIN CLAY]: Has Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory Properties –> Removes Dead Skin Build-Up, Dirt & Impurities –> Fresh & Clear Skin.
[QUICK ABSORPTION]: Contains 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid –> Low Molecular Weight –> Small Molecule Size –> Water Soluble –> Quick Absorption.
[REJUVENATES DULL SKIN]: Niacinamide Helps Build Keratin –> Makes the Skin Firm, Healthy & Even-Toned.
Package Contents: ZM Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Kaolin Face Mask, 50g

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