{"time":1644391054540,"blocks":[{"id":"iG9HhOujV8","type":"header","data":{"text":"Product details of Naked3 12 Pieces Make Up Brush Set","level":2}},{"id":"AXhOEQcrdz","type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["Pack of 12 Brushes,","Perfect for gift or yourself,","High quality & stylish packaging,","Soft & smooth touch","Metal Box"]}},{"id":"PHtYB0_sQI","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"The Essential cosmetic 12 piece makeup brush set is designed to give a perfect finish for any type of makeup application. No other cosmetic brushes will leave you looking as classy, sexy, and elegant as what we've provided. They're all designed to give you that perfect application in a natural and seamless way, so not only will your features be enhanced, but it will hide any flaws or blemishes wonderfully. All eyes will be on you after just one easy application with our high quality professional brushes."}}],"version":"2.22.2"}