{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "Product details of DR.RASHEL VITAMIN C FACIAL CLEANSER 80gmDR.RASHEL VITAMIN C FACIAL CLEANSER 80gm DR\u00b7RASHEL Vitamin C Facial Cleanser refreshes and restores skins natural vibrance and clarity with powerful Vitamin C. A boost of antioxidants repair and protect from environmental damage and sun exposure. Contains vitamin c and hyaluronic acid ingredients, helps fade sun spots and discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle . Gently remove impurities to reveal a more youthful and whitening complexion. Massage the foaming cleanser onto wet skin in small circular motions, then rinse. Use twice daily for best results. NET WET : 80ML #DRRASHEL #VITAMINC #SKINCARE #BRIGHTENING #ANTIAGING #FACIALCLEANSER #WOMEN #BEAUTY #ONLINESHOPPING"}}], "version": "2.22.2"}