{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "Product details of Exclusive BREYLEE Acne Treatment Cream Anti Acne Face Cream Pimple Removal Spots Oil Control Shrink Pores Moisturizing Skin CareProduct name: BREYLEE Acne Treatment CreamSpecifications: 20g / 0.71 flozEffects: Acne Removal & Acne PimpleRepairIngredients: Aqua/Water, Gentiana Scabra Root Extract, PaeoniaSuffruticosa Root Extract, Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract, Sophora Flavescens Extract,Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, CentellaAsiatica ExtractSkin Types: Applicable to skin with acne orpimples.Shelf Life: 3 yearsCaution:\u00a01. This product is for externaluse only. It is not recommend to use with other ointment.2. For sensitive skin, it is recommended toconduct an allergytest on the back of the ear before usingthe product. Use it if no adverse effects occur.3. If any discomfort, please immediatelystop using and seek the assistance of a dermatologist.Storage: Keep it in a cool and dry place,out of direct sunlight.DIRECTIONS FOR USEAfter cleansingyour face, follow your toner first, then apply an appropriate amount of creamto your face (acne or pimple area) with your fingertips. Massage gently untilabsorption. Recommended use twice a day, morning and evening.Note:\u00a0A cycle is28 days. For severe acne, it is recommended to use this cream for 2 cycles."}}], "version": "2.22.2"}