BoGa Offer- Buy BOYA M1 + Get BOYA Converter

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Boya M1 Clip Microphone in Bangladesh

Need a very high-quality Clip microphone? Boya M1 is one the best Clip microphone that works with smartphones, computers, and DSLR cameras. Now you can buy the best quality clip-microphone online at the best price in Bangladesh. Buy this exceptional external microphone to make your voice more clear for any kind of video or professional works. This is always a must-have gadget for recording a voice with noise cancellation and with high gain and even from a long distance. This Boya M1 clip microphone is one of the best and widely used Clip microphones worldwide.

BOYA M1 converter to use without Battery on PC & DSLR

If you have a 4 pole microphone and want to use it on your PC or DSLR which has a 3 pole port then you can do it with this converter easily. For some reason, this converter is very useful to use for a few selected DSLR cameras where that support TRS or 3 Pole jack only. This also can be useful to use any TRRS or 4 Pole or Smartphone’s Headphones to your PC. You can also use this converter where is TRRS to TRS adapter is required.

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