{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "Product details of Blue Sapphire Acne SoapProduct details of Blue Sapphire Acne SoapCHOMNITA - BLUE SAPPHIRE SOAP Glycerin soap stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin and glucosamine glycogen. Leaves skin supple and tight, absorbing impurities and poisons. Helps prevent and eliminate bacteria. The cause of acne. And adjust the balance of the skin. With mineral water The skin is soft and smooth, not irritating. Keeps skin healthy and pleasant to the touch.BAMBOO - Extracts of bamboo pulp. Bamboo Tears (Bamboo) is a part of germination that grows from the buds. In this section. Special features It can stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and glucosamine. The skin is flexible and firmly visible. It also absorbs dirt, chemicals, poisons in the pores. Eliminates dead skin cells. It absorbs excess fat on the face. Helps prevent and eliminate bacteria. Reduce the appearance of acne, skin and skin to be soft, smooth, not irritating. Keeps skin healthy and healthy. Mineral waterMALAKITE Blue mineral mineral water Helps to balance the skin. The skin is acidic alkaline. It stimulates the formation of collagen to the skin. The skin is soft, moist, lift, tighten and reduce wrinkles. Which causes premature aging.SORBITOL The European standard of sucrose is composed of sucrose. It helps to moisturize the skin. After cleansing quickly. Horse Placenta (Horse Placement) A horse from SAITAMA, Japan. The breed is a very strong breed of high-class breed (Perissodactyla Equidae) through enzyme extraction. Very safe. It is a multi-functional array in one. 1.Whitening: help to clear the skin. And tighten pores. 2. Increase the amount of Fibroblast, which is the source of collagen cells. Increases the collagen to tighten the skin. Not slack Reduce wrinkles noticeably. 3.Anti-Wrinkle: inhibits the enzyme elastase. It is important for the decomposition of Elastin. 4.Anti-Oxidant: anti-oxidant 5.Anti-Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory by inhibiting Nitric Oxide. In Japan, plazas of other species, such as fish or plants, are not allowed to be registered as plazas. Unless, of course, the horses are accepted. Diamond Sirt Diamond Diamond Nanoparticles are combined with SIRT, a small synthetic peptide. Similar to Sirturin Diamond Sirt enzyme stimulates Sirtuin enzyme. The \"elixir\" in the cell increases. Prevents the deterioration of cells from stress (Stress) protects the DNA of cells from the stress of UV radiation against cell degeneration. The skin cells last longer. Diamond Sirt effects on cell survival. MEADOWSWEET Rich in Phenolie Acid to balance the skin. Suppresses and reduces the occurrence of acne bacteria (s.aureus) that cause acne (P. Acne) to reduce inflammation of the skin. It can also reduce excess oil. On the face LICORICE Liposome extract The extract is better. Fruit acids It is accepted in the research. The result of the obvious use is to reduce the formation of skin pigmentation caused by the secretion of pollution, cell changes such as freckles, freckles, fade or reduce the skin to look. Clearly safe. Effect on the skin in the long run. It also helps to reduce inflammation of the skin as well."}}], "version": "2.22.2"}